Entrepreneurship plays a very pivotal role in the economic development and entrepreneurs act as catalytic agents in the process of industrialization and economic growth. The rate of economic progress of a nation depends upon its rate of innovation which in turn depends upon the distribution of entrepreneurial talent in the population. Entrepreneurship facilitates the rate of development of a country by significantly contributing to the growing employment opportunity, optimum use of local resources, increasing the rate of growth in GDP of a country and continued innovation in techno – managerial practices.

School of Entrepreneurship Skills is a new school being established by BSDU with effect from the academic session 2018-19. The Entrepreneurship Skill Sector has a very large scope for skill education in a variety of related skill areas. However, BSDU will initially start only one modular B.Voc program. The program will start with six months Skill Certificate, which will lead to Skill Diploma in one year, Advanced Diploma in two years and B.Voc in three years. Like all other programs of BSDU, B.Voc in Entrepreneurship Skills is modular in nature and will have multiple entry and exit options.



The School is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for hands on experience.

Programmes Offered

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