The School follows the Swiss dual system and applies modern teaching methods of Problem based learning (PBL).It is intended to promote the acquisition of flexibly usable knowledge, the development of interdisciplinary skills, and a better problem-solving capability. Social competence and teamwork are key qualifications that can be acquired within the scope of this training. The program is guided by a highly specialized Swiss Tutor.

The school provides a new program in Healthcare called Medical Nursing Assistant (MNA). The MNA will gain elementary theoretical knowledge, needed for practical assistance of the nurse, diverse practical know-how, professional awareness, high motivation and dedication and respectful professional behavior.

As the education is competence based, the students will have the ability to work independently in a hospital ward from the first day after completing the Course.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Bed Side Locker, Crash Cart Trolley, Soiled Linen Trolley, Linen Change Trolley, Bed Side Screen, Bed Side Table, Foot Step Double, Stretcher Trolley, Patient Trolley, Saline Stand, Visitor Stool, Plain Bed General on Wheel, Semi Fowler Bed Gen On Wheel, Medical Equipment, Hygiene, Pharmacy, Bodily Care, Excretion Process, Inhalation, Blood Withdrawal, Orthopedic Aids, CPR Material, Dummy for patients, Adult Manikin, Dummy of Organs, Human Skeleton Structure etc.

One practical skills training lab, Health Care office, storage room and women’s changing room.

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members