Today we hear a lot about virtual personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Now, about Self-driving cars, traffic prediction systems and social media services, etc. All these are Artificial Intelligence systems which use machine learning techniques. Machine Learning (ML) is the branch of computer science in which we train computers to 'learn' like human beings. This is done by 'training' them with a large amount of data about a particular application, so that, given a new set of data, they can recognize new patterns and learn to give better solutions. This involves data analysis and automation of analytical model­ building using numerous ML algorithms.

Machine Learning skills are in great demand today as they are used by the industry to gleanhidden insights from this data to work more efficiently and also gain a competitive edge.There is hardly any real world problem today that is not being solved by ML. As such the demand for persons with ML skills is increasing exponentially today, the world over. These skills include data analytics, deep learning, statistical analysis, etc.

At the newly formed School of Machine Learning & Al Skills (SMAS), within the Faculty of Informatics, Photonics and Robotics, we will prepare students to be industry-ready in thesemuch sought-after skills.


After completion of the program, the student will:

Advanced Diploma


Skill Certificate

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