The school of Renewable Energy Technology is being started from July, 2018. The primary objective of the School of Renewable Energy Technology is to impart quality education with extensive hands-on training in Solar Energy laboratories and Industries. Energy plays a key role in the economy and environment. According to the experts including Bill Gates, there is a huge and growing demand for energy that’s “reliable, cheap, and clean.” Renewable energy is clean, affordable, and reliable, and has got the potential to counter poverty and climate change.  The career prospects are very bright in the field of Renewable Energy Technology in India as we are facing rising fuel prices, energy insecurity and other environmental & climate related problems. The Renewable energy offers a critical solution to the India’s rapidly increasing energy demand challenges. More importantly, hundred years from now, there might not be any fossil fuels left.The importance of Renewable Energy is indispensable. Hence, the renewable energy field promises a lot in terms of sustainability and jobs prospects. The Renewable energy sector provides excellent career opportunities for the smart and innovative minds. The field does not only present scientific and technological opportunities but also in the field of design, creativity, commercialization and business development. As per the experts in coming time Renewable energy sector is one of the top three career choices for making an impactful career.

Infrastructure and Equipment

The Basic Electrical Circuit Lab and Solar PV Lab of the School of Renewable Energy Technology are being well-equipped with the latest state-of-the art Instruments and training kits. LCR Training kit, Power measuring unit, Transistor unit, Protection kit, Semi-Conductor unit, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Super Position Theorem, Oscilloscope, Resistive Kit, Temperature unit, Rectifier unit, Transformer unit, I V Curve Tester,Angle Measuring unit, Standalone Solar System, Double Axis tracker unit, Solar PV training system, Solar PV Grid Tied System, Inverter Unit, MPPT charge controller unit, Radiation Measuring unit (Pyranometer), Software such as Auto CAD 2D (Layout), Google Sketch up (Shadow Analysis + 3D imaging & Layout) and PV SYST (Simulation of Generation & Solar Electrical Planning),Solar Power Trainer Kit and 150 MW Solar Power Plant in the campus is already installed for the study and experiments.

Programmes Offered

Faculty Members